Abstract Sculptures

Contemporary interiors popular nowadays are characterized by sleek lines and smooth glossy surfaces. The hallmark of modern interior styles fancied by young dynamic people is minimalism.

But if you favour this style trend, does that mean you have to refrain from using any home decorations altogether? Indeed, in contemporary hi-tech environment most traditional decorations will look completely out of place. Is there a way to decorate a modern home without a risk of a style clash?

Here is when abstract sculptures come to your rescue. These décor items are a great solution to those, who want to speck up their modern homes with something fresh and unusual. The benefits of abstract sculptures are obvious – most of them have smooth flowing shapes which blend into modern hi-gloss environments, and those that feature sharper angles can add some interesting accents to most of the contemporary interiors.

Apart from bearing an aesthetic function, these décor items show off your intellect. “Abstract” means the object can be endowed with any meaning or significance, usually much deeper than it may seem initially, so if you want to gain a reputation of an unconventional thinker, abstract sculptures are definitely your best choice.

Although they can signify anything, most shapes are still associated with certain meanings, for example, pointed and angular shapes are considered highly energetic, oval and circular signify peace and harmony, whence square and rectangular shapes are believed to introduce a sense of steadiness and stability.

In terms of construction materials, abstract sculptures offered for sale here at Giftobay.com can be subdivided into the following categories:
Glass Abstract Sculptures

Glass is an extremely flexible material and can be molded into exquisitely beautiful and truly mind blowing abstract shapes. It is easy to clean and maintain, besides, due to modern processing methods, it is no longer as fragile as we believe it to be. Still, it makes sense to keep it out of reach of small children.

Ceramic Abstract Sculptures

Ceramics can create nice flowing shapes, pleasing to the eye and incredibly smooth. This material is fragile, yet easy to clean. Traditionally used for sculpturing, ceramics always look expensive and produce the best impression, which is an unquestionable benefit.

Metal Abstract Sculptures

If you are looking for a sculpture that will last a lifetime, choose metal. When it comes to durability, this material is second to none. In terms of maintenance, however, there may be some questions – for example, such metals as silver and copper tend to get tainted over the years, and need regular cleaning. Hover, some recently developed modern polymetals can be almost as easy to clean as glass.

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