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Despite the abundance of various e-commerce websites, few of those sites have what it takes to become truly successful. it would be difficult to come up with a more or less decent example of an online platform offering affordable prices and high quality customer service to a wide range of international shoppers. Yet, with the launch of, it seems like the situation might finally change for the better.

Items sold on Giftobay is a website designed with a consumer in mind. This e-commerce platform is going to offer affordable prices and reasonable terms of delivery to all shoppers, which is always a solid warranty of the successful growth. Even though the platform positions itself as a gift purchasing website, it surely does not mean that this e-commerce store will deal with minor trinkets and meaningless knick-knacks. In fact, supplies an incredibly wide range of products including and not limited to:

Fashion items

This product category includes men’s and women’s clothes, clothes for children, underwear, etc. Giftobay is ready to offer its customers hundreds of high quality accessories, including handbags, watches, shoes, as well as health and beauty products. The latter ones will include bath and body supplies, make up items, dietary and nutrition products, hair and styling items, nail care goods, and even professional salon and spa equipment.

Hi-tech and electronics

Electronics holds one of the leading positions when it comes to online sales, which is why prepared a wide range of hi-tech items for its shoppers. The website offers a variety of cell phones and cell phone accessories; cameras and relevant photo equipment; various computers and tablets; car electronics, such as GPS systems, video and audio; and, of course, a variety of video and console games will be a nice surprise for children and adults.

Sporting goods is a website designed with a consumer in mind. This e-commerce platform is going to offer affordable prices and reasonable terms to all shoppers

Giftobay supplies a multitude of sporting goods for singular and team activities. It offers high quality items and equipment for cycling, hunting, golf, fitness and exercise, fishing, and so on.

Art and collectibles

The biggest choice of art and collectible items can be found on Giftobay. The category includes hundreds of modern knick-knacks, as well as a number of valuable objects, such as silver utensils, antique furniture, collectible books, etc. Here shoppers will have a chance to find plenty of decorative items, such as clocks, lamps, vases, ceramics and porcelain, pictures and frames, mirrors, and many more. Plus, of course, this is the section where shoppers will see small souvenirs and decorative collectibles, such as figurines, mugs, trinket boxes and much more.

Household items

The category includes both decorative and functional items, such as tools, heating systems, home security systems, plumbing items, door handles, circuit breakers and fuse boxes, etc. The decorative elements include candle holders, blankets, sheets, decorative fruit and vegetables, tins, boxes, jars, bookends, cookware, utensils, bar tools and accessories, and many more.

Garden and outdoor supplies

Finally, offers a variety of finest quality, durable outdoor and garden supplies. Here shoppers will have a chance to buy products for pools and spas, garden and patio furniture, as well as outdoor power equipment, such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, pressure washers, etc. Minor gardening supplies, such as fertilizers, are also available in store.

Giftobay website structure and its benefits

Positioning itself as one of the most user-friendly web platforms for buying gifts, has a unique website structure, which significantly facilitates the search for those users who do not know for sure which item to purchase. All goods offered by Giftobay are subdivided into the following categories:

• Gifts for him
• Gifts for her
• Gifts for mum
• Gifts for dad
• Personalized gifts
• Birthday gifts

There is no doubt that similar structure is highly beneficial for those people who are uncertain which gift to buy. The subdivision of available items into gender, age, and special occasion groups is very helpful if a person is looking to surprise somebody else. It gives shoppers a chance to browse through the selection of available goods in the comfort of their own homes; yet, at the same time, it manages to preserve the unique feeling of onsite shopping – something that has never been done by any other e-commerce platform before.

However, a structure like this implies that the same items can fall under different categories. This means that certain customers may experience difficulties while shopping for a particular product. With this thought in mind, Giftobay also includes search by precise categories, such as electronics, clothes, house, garden, sport, etc. This option is designed for those users who know exactly what they want. Plus, of course, it is also possible to search items by keywords and names, for example iPad mini, golf clubs, watches, shoes, and so on.

Terms of delivery and customer service on

Giftobay is ready to offer its customers 24/7 support, quick procession of all orders, and timely delivery of every purchased item. is an international e-commerce website, offering consumers across the entire globe worldwide shipping and affordable prices on international delivery.

Business collaboration with is constantly searching for business partners who share the same philosophy. Striving to provide customers from all over the world with high quality affordable products, Giftobay is always willing to increase its base of reliable suppliers. The platform is looking for small, mid-sized, and big companies that can supply quality goods on a regular basis. This opportunity is particularly beneficial for small businesses that want to reinforce their standing worldwide. Those interested in forming a solid and lasting partnership with Giftobay e-commerce website, are welcome to send their e-mails to [email protected]

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